ООО Фирма "Экодор" - The main thing

The main thing

Ecodor Co. Ltd., the terminal operator of «Podolskoe PPZT»

General features of the terminal:
The container terminal of Ecodor Co. Ltd. is located in close vicinity of Moscow (12 km from the Moscow Ring Road, city of Podolsk, Silikatnaya station of the Moscow Railroad) in a region easily accessible by highways (in the area owned by Podolsk Railway Transport Production Plant JSC). The terminal operates 24/7 to provide continuous handling of containers. There are seven container loaders of reach stacker type operating at the terminal with capacity of 45 tons, the total length of railway loading/unloading area is 1.5 km. The cars (platforms) are serviced by engines owned by Podolsk Railway Transport Production Plant JSC.
Details of the work areas:
• Commercial area – capacity of 2,500-2,700 TEU, allows for simultaneous plugging of up to 50 refrigerator containers, 3 railway lines;
• Customs clearance area (temporary storage area) – capacity of 700 TEU, 1 railway line;
• Container loading/unloading area – simultaneous loading/unloading of up to 5 containers;
• Container repair area – repair and technical inspection of containers;
• Staging tracks for railway platforms before loading/unloading and connection/disconnection of container trains, maintenance of fitting platforms – more than 6 km;
• Areas for vehicles waiting for loading/unloading;
• Specialized areas for loading/unloading operations with covered train cars, refrigerated rolling stock, ramps for wheeled and crawler vehicles.
Destinations of container trains:
• Moscow – Khabarovsk; destination – Krasnaya Rechka station, Far East Railroad, 2 times a week;
• Moscow – Novosibirsk; destination – Novosibirsk – Vost. station – Eastern Siberia Railroad, 2 times a week;
• Moscow – Vladivostok; destination/transit station – Vladivostok, Ugolnaya station, Far East Railroad, 4-6 times a week, including containers dispatched for direct mixed railway and water transportation with destination of primary Far Eastern ports;
• Moscow – Krasnoyarsk; destination – Bazaikha station, Krasnoyarsk Railroad, once a week.
Associated services:
• Container transportation by vehicles to departure/destination points;
• Railway transportation (via direct or direct mixed railway and water transportation) to Russia and the CIS countries in own or rented 20 or 40 feet containers;
• Freight tracking during transportation;
• Package of services for customs clearance of incoming freight, customs support of freight, acting as the customer’s representative at customs authorities, PI, freight declare, internal customs transit procedure.